Braided Pumpkin Butter Danish 

How to make the box

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Best Practices 

  • Fold your pastry dough six times! Don't give up easy when folding and rolling out your pastry dough. Not doing this step thoroughly will result in a flat and heavy danish. Six folds will ensure that air can get between the layer of dough. 
  • Slice the sides of dough evenly. When cutting your two inch slits in the pastry dough, be sure each strip is even in length and width. If your slices are uneven, the braid will not come together as well. 
  • Tuck in the strips when braiding. As you braid, make sure that each strip of dough somewhat overlaps the previous piece. You can even tuck/ pinch the dough together as needed. This will ensure that none of the filling will leak out when baking.