How It Works

Bake Eat Love boxes are delivered right to your door! Before the box arrives we'll send an email that details the new recipe, what's in the box, and what you'll use from your kitchen. We make it as easy as possible to get started as soon as the box arrives.

Boxes always include the pre-measured, unrefrigerated ingredients to make a delicious dessert and an easy to follow recipe card. The card shows pictures of the bake at key points so you can compare results. It also includes videos and tips to explain why a specific instruction matters or how to avoid common stumbling blocks.

Every box comes with a bonus item! Bonus items are curated to complement the recipe and build a set of baking essentials for new bakers, or refresh old utensils for more experienced bakers. Spatulas, piping tips, thermometers and kitchen timers are just a few examples.

Each recipe is different; something many bakers wouldn't venture to try on their own. Recipes feature specialty ingredients, like lavender extract, and highlight creative flavor combinations. Our goal is to leave you feeling more adventurous, accomplished, and excited for the next box!


 Non-perishables, a specialty ingredient, and a new recipe


 Baking accessories for your kitchen - a tool you'll use in the recipe


 Pro tips and tricks, videos, FAQs, and online support

Baking from scratch is so rewarding, but it can be a lot of work. Bake Eat Love cuts out recipe hunting, ingredient shopping, and measuring so you can get right to the fun part! 

Start your box today!

Each box includes a new kitchen gadget tailored to the recipe.