Lemon Lavender Sandwich Tea Cookies


Pro Tip: How to soften refrigerated butter in a snap

How to makethe box



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Best Practices

  • Use your lemon soon after your box arrives or put it in the fridge. It's much easier to zest a fresh, firm lemon. Lemons lose their firmness over time, and then they harden (in a bad way). While they become more juicy when they get softer, their skin gets too soft to adequately produce less zest. Putting them in the fridge buys you a little more time.
  • Tamping the cookie dough. Make sure you have lots of flour on the bottom of the glass before you tamp, otherwise your dough will stick to the bottom of the glass. Having trouble getting the flour to hold onto the glass? Put a little flour on the cookie dough ball or apply flour to the glass with your fingers. 
  • Ironing out imperfections in your tamped cookies. Some of your tamped cookie dough may look less than circular. That's ok! Apply some flour to your fingers and do mini touch ups by lightly toughing the dough.