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August 2021 Start Date

Ever thought about making an ice cream cake, then decided not to thinking it would be too difficult? Now's your chance! This kit makes it a piece of cake. You'll make blueberry ice cream and chocolate cake with a classic, light whipped frosting. This is our Original Monthly Bake Box subscription starting in August, with the first box shipping August 21-24. The first recipe is Chocolate Blueberry Ice Cream Cake!

September 2021 Start Date

Get ready for fall with this cute, delicious maple treat. The cream cheese frosting adds just the right amount of subtle tang to balance the maple flavor. Add the pecan pieces in the center and a pecan on top for a crunch you will love. Includes pecans, non-refrigerated ingredients, and metal cookie cutters. This is our Original Monthly Bake Box subscription starting in September, with the first box shipping September 21-24.