Pick when your first box ships

Pick when your first box ships

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Ships May 21-24. Put a flaming spin on an American brunch favorite: Banana foster sticky buns! Just when you thought sticky buns couldn’t get any better! This recipe provides that craveable, crowd pleasing, sticky bun base covered in a rum accented and caramelized banana sauce. The kitchen item in this box is a custom made maple wood rolling pin. Looking for a chance to impress your brunch guests? We include step by step directions on how to flambé, so you can have that wow factor and extra rum flavor! This recipe is sure to become a weekend favorite! Alcohol is not included in this kit, and it is appropriate for bakers under 21.

$39.99 - $438.00

Ship Next Month

Ships June 21st-24th. An inspired spin on an American classic that has all the best parts of peach cobbler: sticky peaches, buttery crumble with the edition of creamy vanilla bean flecked frosting: all assembled into one decadent cupcake! This baking kit includes a delicious jar of homemade style peach jam, a reusable recipe card, and a piping tip to help you pipe perfect frosting rosettes. These Peach Cobbler Cupcakes are the perfect treat to sweeten up any summer picnic or backyard barbecue.

$39.99 - $438.00

Ship in 2 Months

Ships July 21st-25th. This month cool down with these refreshing and sweet Strawberry Lemon Mousse tarts. The tart, creamy lemon mousse is perfectly matched with a sweet strawberry coulis drizzle. The tart dough in this recipe is a snap to make and bakes up quickly, so you won’t have to worry about warming up your kitchen in the summer heat. Learn how to make a coulis sauce and strain it to perfection using your mini strainer, the kitchen gift in this box. These tarts are the perfect treat to sweeten up any summer get together.

$39.99 - $438.00

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