Pick when your first box ships

Pick when your first box ships

Ship This Month

Ships July 21st-25th. This month cool down with these refreshing and sweet Strawberry Lemon Mousse tarts. The tart, creamy lemon mousse is perfectly matched with a sweet strawberry coulis drizzle. The tart dough in this recipe is a snap to make and bakes up quickly, so you won’t have to worry about warming up your kitchen in the summer heat. Learn how to make a coulis sauce and strain it to perfection using your mini strainer, the kitchen gift in this box. These tarts are the perfect treat to sweeten up any summer get together.

$39.99 - $438.00

Ship Next Month

Ships August 21st-25th. I scream you scream we all scream for coconut ice cream! With temperatures rising we are all in need of a refreshing treat. This month perfect your choux pastry skills and learn to make a semifreddo style coconut ice cream. Fill your puffs to perfection using your piping tip gift. Dip your profiteroles in a tart and sweet mango-peach jam and top with tropical sprinkles. This tropical treat is the perfect summer dessert!

$39.99 - $438.00

Ship in 2 Months

Ships September 21st-25th. Have you ever heard of Marionberries? If you haven't you're about to discover they're delicious! The Chocolate Marionberry Trifle has returned! A favorite recipe that combines gooey chocolate brownies, chocolate pudding and marionberry mousse, no wonder it is a favorite! Use your jar scraper/spatula gift to get every last bit of that delicious marionberry jam, from Oregon Growers, into your perfectly whipped cream. Learn how to create each delicious layer and how to assemble to perfection. This decadent treat is one your friends will ask you to make time and time again!

$39.99 - $438.00

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